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As you might have known that with the newest launching of PS4, a lot of superb games are available to choose from but they are in expensive price where if you are student you must get your psn games you wanted mostly with credit card.

Anyway you also notice that all of those new ps4 or ps5 games are not free and those new games do not come with a cheap price.

Sony PlayStation 4 itself cost around $450 and you still need to purchase the games you want to play which may cost around $50-$150 or you may be merely watching streamer in twitch like Ninja, Shroud.

Based on this circumstance, some people likely have a perspective to get some ps4 new gamesĀ like Epic Fortnite in free of charge

When you want to get games in the PlayStation store, you must complete an online payment with credit card or you can use PSN code as your PlayStation wallet.

And, with this a PSN code, you can buy various downloadable content from PlayStation store, such as the newest games and movies which you can do from your own PlayStation account.

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